Study Shows iPhone Owners Need “Ms. Manners” App for Dating


Apple boasts that “there’s an app for that” but according to a recent study conducted by Retrevo looking into the social and dating behaviours of iPhone owners, there isn’t a little Ms. Manners guide to acceptable social conduct. The study, summarized on Gizmodo, mentions some things that some users may be abhorred about–breaking up with a significant other via SMS, insecurity with a partner who loves a gadget more, and twice as many iPhone users watch adult content on their phones compared to BlackBerry owners:

• One in three iPhone owners has texted or emailed their significant other to break up.

• One in four iPhone users has broken up with their partner because that person spent too much time on their mobile device.

• One in five iPhone owners admits to frequently watching “adult material” on their iPhones. (Twice as many as BlackBerry owners).

• One in three iPhone owners say that, if their partner had out-of-date gadgets, it would be a turnoff.

Well, the last one we can kind of understand. When Windows Mobile 7 hits, would you date a companion with Windows Mobile 6.5 or 6.1? That will be so yesteryear!

(via: Gizmodo)

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