Give Windows Mobile 6.5 Titanium a Hero Style Sense UI Makeover


The Zune-like Titanium interface for Windows Mobile 6.5 is insanely fluid and gives users access to a bevy of features. Just like with any interface, however, the visual appeal can become a little too familiar, leaving the user looking for other options. What better way to spice things up than with a custom theme? Not just any theme, but one that actually transforms the interface into something else.

If you’re running Titanium and want some Sense action of the Hero variety, you can download/install a theme that will alter Titanium into just that. It doesn’t necessarily have the customizing abilities of the real Sense UI, but it certainly does hold its ground on the visual side of things. Continue reading to learn more about “Titanium-Hero Sense UI.”

The popular Hero look can now be integrated with Titanium via a theme and some plug-ins. It’s still early in development, but it is functional. There’s a learning curve as far as setting up the interface goes, but everything’s pretty simple after that. The main home panel encompasses the Hero clock with flipping animation, current weather, calendar shortcut (shows active appointments) and the famous Sense menu bar. You can swipe left or right to get to a detailed 4-day weather widget.

Messaging and programs can be reached from the right and left buttons, respectively, on the menu bar. From the program launcher, you can connect to custom Twitter and music panels. A neat thing about the music panel is that it can be used with either S2P or Nitrogen. There is also a settings panel that houses wireless connections, wallpaper, sound profile and other system related widgets. The lock screen has been skinned too.

Since the project is pretty much in beta still, there are some bugs. Unfortunately, it’s only available for QVGA and VGA (pictured below) devices. I wouldn’t be surprised to see support for WVGA soon, considering this was originally a QVGA only project. If you’re using a WVGA display and are interested in Titanium-Hero, it wouldn’t hurt to give the developer a nudge on his thread. Head over to XDA-developers for the files.

Quick install guide (install the following files to main memory):

– Install Mortscript 4.2

– Install JMLPanex 2.1

– Install all files from Titanium-Hero pack (QVGA, VGA) – 12 files in total

– Download and place Code.mscr file into JMLToday folder (in Program Files)

– Soft reset

Note: as a reminder, Titanium-Hero is only for devices running WM6.5/6.5.1 with QVGA or VGA displays. It’s always a good idea to backup your data before testing new tweaks or software.

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