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We got the Samsung Moment in from Sprint earlier in the week and gave the device a quick run down after Sprint executives gave us a demo of the device at CTIA this Fall. The Moment is an Android phone that is able to connect to Sprint’s 3G Now Network and comes with the Google experience running stock Android 1.5 Cupcake OS. That means you don’t get the snazzy HTC Sense UI on the Sprint HTC Hero. However, what you do get with the Samsung Moment is a faster 800 MHz ARM11 processor made by Samsung, a gorgeous AMOLED screen (which I didn’t have any problems with under Los Angeles’s overcast skies), and a sliding QWERTY keyboard.

Check out the video below:

The Moment doesn’t come without its own quirks. The keyboard’s keys and spacebar button will take some use to as the “A” key is pushed over with the placement of the blue Function button. Also, I prefer the HTC Sense UI experience over the vanilla build of Android 1.5, though the positive side is that the OS seems zippy without all the HTC customizations. That said, with Android 1.5, you won’t get multitouch nor will you get double tap to zoom within the web browser. In general, the Android implementation of the browser is kind of slow and won’t win any speed records, despite the faster 800 MHz processor (compared to the 500+ MHz on the HTC Hero on Sprint).

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In terms of build quality, the Hero beats out the equally priced Moment. It just seems like a more sturdy device with less flex. On the other hand, compared to the Moto CLIQ on T-Mobile, the Moment on Sprint seems to be of higher build quality. The Moment’s sliding mechanism has a nice spring-assisted mechanism. In comparison with the Windows Mobile HTC Touch Pro2 for Sprint, the HTC-made slider is more solid. Where the Moment really shines is its gorgeous AMOLED display. It also comes with a 2 GB memory card installed, though the device can support up to 32 GB micro SDHC cards in the future (16 GB is the maximum on the market today).

Exchange support is included out of the box with a third-party application called Moxier Mail. Sprint also bundles a number of their applications with the Moment, which you also found on the Sprint HTC Hero, like the Nascar, NFL, Sprint Navigation, and Sprint TV programs. Additionally, you also have Nuance Voice Command versus the standard Google Voice Dialer (on the Sprint Hero) application on the Hero. Additionally, you can also view Office attachments, browse photos, and purchase and listen to music via over the air.

The Moment is a great contender and will be a good fit for those who don’t prefer HTC’s way of doing things on the Hero and offers those who may be turned off by the Hero’s lack of a dedicated hardware keyboard.

The device will be available on November 1 for $180 after rebates and contract. For additional details about the moment, you can visit Sprint.

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