Windows Mobile + Xbox = Microsoft Portable Gaming Device


Could Microsoft be leveraging Windows phones as its portable gaming console by creating synergy between the Xbox and Windows Mobile platforms? It sure seems like it, especially with the advanced technical requirements that were leaked as part of Windows Mobile 7 chassis 1. And also, the leaked job ad from the Redmond, Washington software giant seems to be in alignment with gaming on the mobile platform.

Read on to see the job postings.

We are seeking a technically savvy Developer Account Manager to own and drive the relationship with our top mobile entertainment development partners. You will work closely with our Business Account Management teams, Engineering support teams, Windows Mobile and Xbox LIVE platform teams as the advocate for your partners to drive solutions to their development needs. You can be a key part of making gaming on Windows Mobile a continued success!

Key responsibilities include working with game developers to provide proactive support and solutions their most challenging issues, and help to align the needs of Microsoft and our game development partners. You will help raise the bar of gaming on Windows Mobile, and help drive adoption of our unique platform features in our partner’s games. Travel to, and working with third party developers is core part of the job.

Qualified candidates will have a minimum of 2+ years experience working with third party game developers and previous experience shipping titles for Xbox LIVE and/or mobile platforms. Experience in one or more of the following areas is strongly preferred: Xbox LIVE, Windows Mobile, C#/Silverlight development.

The idea of gaming on Windows Mobile isn’t at all new. Windows Mobile, since its days as the Palm PC (to later become Palm-Size PC and Pocket PC) has long supported color, multimedia, and strong processors. This in turn has created some strong applications and development for the platform, among which are games. While in recent years, Windows Mobile hasn’t had as strong a focus on gaming, the advanced specs, larger screen displays, and more consumer-driven focus that is being espoused by Microsoft may change that. This, is not surprising, considering that Apple, Microsoft’s rival, with the iPhone and iPod Touch, has held much success in the mobile gaming sector. We’ll just have to wait and see how Microsoft will take charge of mobile gaming and entertainment, especially since Windows Marketplace for Mobile just recently opened for business.

And here’s a second job post:

That’s right – we’re looking for the best candidate to own several game publishing companies to secure the best video games for Xbox, Windows and Mobile gaming platforms. With an emphasis on Mobile. As the publisher’s primary point of contact, you will ultimately be responsible for all aspects of the Xbox, Windows and Mobile gaming business and relationship. It’s as close to playing games for a living you’re ever going to find! The 3PP (3rd Party) Account Manager will act as the day to day contact for publishers within Microsoft, and will leverage the resources available (developer support, marketing, LIVE, business development, subsidiary offices, etc) to ensure that the best possible games with the most comprehensive feature set (esp. LIVE support) are released. The job responsibilities also include fully understanding the publisher’s business models and how best to apply them to maximize return to both the publisher and Microsoft.

Key challenges: Directly/indirectly influence the publishers business; technical proficiency to evangelize various Xbox & Windows technologies; co-ordinate all aspects of the relationship with the publisher and orchestrate the different resources available within the Gaming division to win the publisher’s mind; balance the publisher’s business and goals whilst keeping the priorities of Microsoft firmly in mind.

Key Accountabilities: work with the publishers and developers to maximize sales and hence royalty revenues of 3rd party titles and keep those royalties growing year on year; evangelize Microsoft gaming initiatives, secure exclusive games for Xbox, Games for Windows, Mobile, or at least ship simultaneously with rival formats; encourage and promote publishers to support LIVE; leverage cross group collaboration within Microsoft to help support your publisher; maximize the publishers general satisfaction level from dealing with Microsoft; work closely with the portfolio team to ensure that a diverse range of software is available; evangelize your publisher internally to help ensure future design decisions (XDK, LIVE, Games for Windows, Mobile, business models, etc…) Knowledge, skills and experience:

Required: minimum of 8 years experience within PC, Mobile & console gaming/entertainment industry, excellent experience in supporting diverse external customers or partners, and strong business acumen.

Essential functional/technical skills: in-depth working knowledge of video game industry and history; experience of game design and production; basic technical knowledge of graphics, audio, and networking a plus.

Thanks to @Makram for the news tip.

(via: Mobile Tech World)

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