TouchTwit: Feature Packed & Finger Friendly Twitter Client Coming to Marketplace


Twitter clients, with good reason, are well-received on mobile devices. Having access to Twitter on the go can keep you informed on the latest news (@pocketnowTweets) and connected with friends/family at all times. That’s why it’s rather shocking to see only one dedicated Twitter application, Twikini, available through Windows Marketplace for Mobile at the moment. We know there are others out there and it’s hard to believe that these apps weren’t submitted in time for launch. Surely, we expect that figure to rise within the coming months, but only time will tell how many Twitter clients will overpopulate the Marketplace.

We do know for certain that a new, finger friendly Twitter client will grace us with its presence on Marketplace soon. It’s called TouchTwit and we’ve recently had the pleasure of taking it for a test spin. It has an extremely polished UI and integrates some nice animations while navigating within the app. Continue reading for first impressions, details and another video.

After launching TouchTwit for the first time, you’re greeted with a sign in screen where you can add or create a new account. This is also the screen that will allow you to switch between multiple accounts, for those with separate business and personal Twitter handles. Once set up and signed in, you’re immediately taken to the familiar timeline view of everyone you’re following. I must say, I am rather amazed with the degree of polish that TouchTwit offers. The UI, simply put, is neat and doesn’t feel cluttered at all, which can be hard to avoid in a world of information like on Twitter. The layout is perfectly sized with big, finger friendly buttons and scrolling through tweets is quick and responsive, which is important in a mobile Twitter client. A menu bar at the bottom provides easy access to home view, @mentions, direct messages, settings and quick tweets.

Swiping from right to left on any tweet gives you a full view of that tweet with all the usual options, as well as a nice sliding animation that is smooth as silk. From there, you can favorite, click links, view user profiles/timelines of anyone mentioned in that particular tweet, and retweet. In case you’re wondering, links to images are loaded within TouchTwit with options to use the default mobile web browser, rotate, tweet and retweet. To get back to the main timeline, just click “home” on the menu bar or swipe left to right. I should also note that tapping “…” at the bottom of the timeline will expand the timeline as needed.

I’m sure Twitter fans are eager to know what options are available from the update, or tweet, screen. Here, you can @reply, shorten URLs, include your GPS location, and select/take pics. Tweeting from TouchTwit is quick and painless. As with the rest of the app, all buttons are finger friendly. Video can be recorded and selected from the more tab too.

Other options found under the “more tab” include:

– Access to your favorites, list of followers and people you’re following.

– Sending direct messages

– Search tweets, users, and hot topics (current, daily, weekly)

– Home and general settings

– Account switcher

An interesting feature of TouchTwit is the status bar at the very top of timeline. This subtle, but very useful meter lets you know how long until the next auto-refresh takes place. Intervals can be set through the app’s options. Sounds can also be customized as the app adds entries for TouchTwit in “Sounds & Notifications” under Windows Mobile’s personal settings. It’s great to see that you can change the scrolling speed too.

Overall, TouchTwit is fairly fast, beautiful and a wonderful surprise. My only complaint is that there doesn’t seem to be options to email or text tweets. Hopefully, these will be added in a future version as they do come in handy from time to time. With animations, fluid scrolling and a long list of features, I have a feeling that TouchTwit will be a competitive app in the Marketplace. It’s definitely a nice addition to the short list of feature rich Twitter clients available on Windows Mobile. TouchTwit is currently in the certification process for Windows Marketplace for Mobile and will be priced at around $4 to $6 (yet to be determined). VGA and WVGA versions of the app are already completed, with support for QVGA coming soon.

As always, stay up to date on the latest Windows Mobile news and reviews by following us on Twitter: @pocketnowTweets. We’ll keep you informed when TouchTwit hits the Marketplace.

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