3 Fun Apps to Check Out on Marketplace this Week


Some developers seem to be stepping up to the plate in a big way for the launch of Windows Marketplace for Mobile. Last week, we showed you a sneak preview of Trapster, which has been revamped to function more like the iPhone version. We also previously reported that ShopSavvy, a popular shopping application on other platforms, will be making its first appearance on Windows Mobile soon. While those apps have practical uses, there are also apps geared towards entertainment that are also getting face lifts in time for the Marketplace launch week.

A couple months ago, we covered the final version of Omniano. For those who aren’t familiar with it, Omniano is an app that enables you to play several musical instruments on your Windows Mobile device. These instruments include: the piano, drums, and flute. It’s a fantastic app that helps pass the time.

HyongaSoft has developed 3 new apps based off the previous releases. Along with updated graphics and features, they carry new names to differentiate them from Omniano: Piano Concert, Flute Concert and Motion Drum. These apps are much more advanced with cool, new features that raise the entertainment value from what we’ve seen before. Read on to watch videos of all 3 in action and to see what they have to offer.

Piano Concert

The instrument that started it all with the original Omniano app has been renewed. Now called Piano Concert, it features haptic feedback for key presses and it responds much quicker to each touch. The most exciting change Piano Concert brings is the ability to record songs and play tracks. As you can see in the video above, you can record all your key strokes, save and replay them. Included with the app are prerecorded tracks that display keystrokes for you, which is reminiscent of electronic keyboards. Recorded tracks can be overlapped with additional key presses, making it easier for novice players to put together songs.

Other features:

– High-quality 88-Key realistic piano sounds and graphics

– Select 1-row (octave) mode or 2-rows (octaves) mode

– User Friendly navigation octave

– Play chord by “CHORD” bar

– Changeable volume.

– Smooth play when dragging piano keys

– Damper off option like real piano

Motion Drum

The drum app, Motion Drum, is completely redesigned. You won’t even recognize it since it now uses an accelerometer to play sounds (like Caxixi). It basically centers a g-sensor controlled ball inside an octagon. Tilting your device and hitting each wall of the octagon results in a different drum sound being played. Screen taps are still supported, so combining both methods can be quite entertaining. You can still switch sound tones to rock, pop, jazz, techno, and hip-hop. Like Piano Concert, vibration feedback and the ability to record tracks have been added. The demo version I received didn’t have prerecorded tracks, but they may be there in the final product.

Flute Concert

Flute Concert has also been refined to work better on more devices. Before, most devices weren’t able to use the microphone to enable realistic flute play. Thankfully, the developer has fixed that issue and it works well. It also reacts to screen taps quicker and the sounds play back smoother. You can change skins, which is always nice, and still choose auto-blow if you’re feeling lazy. Like the other instruments from HyongaSoft, you can record and playback tracks.

The developer playing “Moonlight Sonata” with Flute Concert on a Diamond2

Piano Concert, Motion Drum and Flute Concert will be available on Windows Marketplace for Mobile this week. Unfortunately, there’s no word on pricing for the full version. There will also be a free version, which limits some of the advanced features. It’s already doing well on the Samsung App store (Europe), so be sure to check it out when it hits Marketplace.

Update: unfortunately Sheon Shin, the developer, has sadly informed us that there will be a slight delay with getting his apps onto Marketplace. Hopefully it gets sorted out soon.

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