Enhance SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 With Pro Plus Elegance


Since the release of SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 this week it comes as no surprise that developers would hack the program to customize it even more. MSkip has created a program and tutorial called Pro Plus Elegance which gives two extra widget pages as well as changes the default image on the professional layout.

From the developer:

Note (Changing Custom Backgrounds on Pro Screen and other screens):

To change the Pro Background, rename the file to qa_fundotela.dat and copy to SPB Mobile Shell folder.

To change Background on the other screen (except Lifestyle and Pro) rename the file to qa_fundotela2.dat and copy to SPB Mobile Shell folder.

Always restart Mobile Shell after copying for it to take effect.

Do the following to make your own custom background dat file.

1. Rename any of the custom backgrounds in the zip file to qa_fundotela.zip

2. Unzip to a folder using the password: b0fm18zq

3. Make 2 backgrounds to use as follows:

For QVGA version (240×400 saved as Background.bmp and 400×240 saved as BackgroundL.bmp)

For VGA version (480×800 saved as Background.bmp and 800×480 saved as BackgroundL.bmp)

4. Move the 2 new background files into the folder you made in step2 (overwriting the originals)

5. Zip the 3 files back up with password protection (using password: b0fm18zq)

6. Rename the new file to qa_fundotela.dat (for pro screen) or qa_fundotela2.dat (for all others) and copy to your SPB Mobile Shell folder on your phone (overwriting the original)

7. Soft Reset your phone

Note 1: You might have trouble changing the background on the lifestyle screen. A solution provided by Degavi is to first select the image you want then go in to the spb mobile shell folder and delete the background.dat file. Restart mobile shell and your desired image will appear.

Note 2: To Backup your screens layout for future restoration. Using a Registry Editor export the (HKLM, Software, SPB Software House 2, SPB Mobile Shell, Widgets) Folder. It will back up all 7 screens and your SPB favorites contacts. BEFORE restoring your registry backup, delete the previous registry folder so there is no chance of anything being left that could interfere with your restoration.

The customization utility is free and should run on most devices with SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 installed.

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