HTC PRO.Three in December with USB Host for $800


Considering that HTC declares that they make expensive handsets, the rumored PRO.Three pricing for the Taiwanese manufacturer at $800 isn’t too bad–the iPhone unlocked retails for around $700-$800. What’s more is that we’re getting a little bit of additional information on the PRO.Three, including December availability.

Read on to find out more about battery life, device build, and USB hosting capabilities on this high-end Windows Mobile device!

The device was recently spotted in someone’s lucky hands as well (not mine, I can assure you that, else you’d have to amputate my hands to get the device out). WMPowerUser posted that the device will also have USB host capabilities, so you can perhaps plug in a hard drive, thumb drive, or input device like a mouse and keyboard. Perhaps this is HTC trying to capitalize off of all that Apple tablet hype, as the HTC PRO.Three, running Windows Mobile, can be a netbook/tablet replacement. The device is smaller than a netbook, but with USB host capabilities and the appropriate drivers, can mimic some more advanced features not found on many smartphones today.

Additionally, the device seems to be made from high quality materials, with a strong plastic case and metal battery door. We’ve seen that combination before on the BlackBerry Storm. Though the screen isn’t mentioned to be made of glass, we hope HTC goes the extra mile here to truly give it a high end feel and minimize the risk of screen scratches on this high-end device.

Regarding the issue of battery life, the PRO.Three will last a power user through at least a day and a half! It looks like HTC may have optimized Windows Mobile to the fullest potential, giving power user an untethered experience without really having to worry about charging mid-day. Here’s what WMPowerUser has to say about the device’s lengthy battery life:

Besides demonstrating that it is a monster of a device, especially compared to the HTC Hero, B3ler3fonte confirmed the device has pretty good battery life, despite its anorexic frame, lasting 1.5 days of heavy use, including (defined by him as as watching 1 hour video, 2 hours of music listening and 1 hour of web browsing with 3g on all the time and some texting).

It seems that HTC has created a compelling device in light of the Acer F1, which lacks the capacitive screen. And it actually looks like a lot of you want the capacitive touch action, as seen on our recent poll. Now, let’s just that HTC can rally developers behind the new digital compass feature for some reality view apps or programs!

Hit the link to WMPowerUser to check out more pics of this drool-worthy device.

(via: HTCpedia and WMPowerUser)

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