ThrottleLauncher 1.0 RC2 Released; Faster, Smoother and Looks Outstanding


ThrottleLauncher has been a popular UI among many Windows Mobile users since its inception, mainly for its widgets, customizable themes, and because it’s free. Regular users of the interface will be happy to hear that a completely rewritten, new version has just been released (1.0 RC2). The developer claims that it’s much quicker and runs smoother than its predecessors and the video seems to prove that.

Aside from a performance boost, the new version includes reading from Facebook or RSS sources, along with more flexibility for theme developers. Also to note, it appears that previous themes for ThrottleLauncher still work and will take full advantage of the improvements found in v1.0 RC2. Check out the video above to see it in action and get the download from the ThrottleLauncher site.

ThrottleLauncher fans, let us know if you enjoyed a “completely refreshed UI experience” in the comments.


– Access ThrottleConfig through StartMenu>Programs>ThrottleConfig

– If you have trouble loading ThrottleLauncher for the first time, reload plug-in under ThrottleConfig

– To create new pages: unlock widgets, move them out of screen bounds (vertically or horizontally), then flick over to that page

– Try other themes and add more widgets

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