New HTC Communications Manager Suite with WiFi Sharing


Remember last month when we reported on the HTC WiFi Sharing utility released on XDA-developers? At its price, free, it’s definitely the best alternative to WMWiFiRouter. Well, after cruising through multiple user forums, it looks like some people are having problems with it. Mainly, they complain that their laptops can’t find the access point.

Thankfully, AssassinsLament, from XDA-developers, decided to package WiFi Sharing with the latest Communications Manager. The WiFi Sharing function in this package seems to be working perfectly for those who had problems before. Not only does it integrate WiFi Sharing, but it has the usual WiFi, Bluetooth, Phone, Airplane Mode, and Data Connection switches as well.

Here’s what the suite includes:

– CM_Bluetooth_1_1_4_0 (HTC Bluetooth Wizard – Helps make Bluetooth pairing easier)

– CM_InternetSharing_0_9_2_0 (HTC WiFi Sharing Utility – Lets you share your data connection through WiFi)

– CM_Phone_1_1_0_0 (HTC Phone and Pin Utility – Configuring phone settings)

– CM_WiFiWizard_1_7_3_0 (HTC WiFi Wizard – Helps make WiFi connecting easier)

– CommManager_2_9_5_0 (HTC Communications Manager – Manages all of the above)

– HTCScroll_1_0_1914_2726 (HTC Scroll DLL – needed for WiFi Sharing)

For those who had problems with the initial WiFi sharing release, now’s a good time to give it another shot due to its integration with a multifunctional comm manager. If WiFi Sharing already works well for you, why not upgrade it with more functions? Get the download from XDA-developers and give it a whirl. Don’t forget to let us know how it works for you.

Note: Tested and works great on my Touch Pro (VGA). It should also work on devices with WVGA screens, but the dev still warns to install at your own risk. Check out his thread (linked above) if you have any questions or concerns.

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