How to Give S2U2 a Splash of Hero


S2U2 is considered the king of screen locking apps for Windows Mobile. One of the perks of using S2U2 over similar apps is that you can customize its graphics. If you haven’t tried a theme other than the one provided by default, now is a good time.

The HTC Hero’s Sense UI has been extremely popular lately, so it’s not surprising to see a new S2U2 theme modeled after it. Although the theme doesn’t change S2U2’s mechanics to unlock in the same manner as the Hero’s screen lock function, it still looks great and definitely resembles Sense UI.

Here’s how to get the S2U2 Hero theme on your device:

– If you haven’t already, update to the latest version of S2U2.

– Download the appropriate PointSense S2U2 files (register for free).

– Backup your “gfx” folder located in “DeviceProgram FilesS2U2” directory.

– Connect your device via ActiveSync or WM Device Center.

– Unzip previously mentioned PointSense S2U2 files.

– Drag the 12 files located in that folder to “DeviceProgram FilesS2U2gfx,” overwrite existing files.

– Soft reset.

– Enjoy!

Note: this is a theme for S2U2. Despite the name of the theme files, you don’t need PointUI.

Update: new version of S2U2 Hero theme with more choices located in new thread (thanks, looby!).

Looking for more S2U2 themes? Check out the sleek TouchFLO 3D theme.

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