Poll: Which Touch Pro2 Model is the Best?


For the USA carrier releases, we’re wondering which Touch Pro2 model is the best, either aesthetically or functionally. We do know that the two CDMA models on Sprint and Verizon Wireless will have the 3.5 mm headphone jack. It looks like the GSM models, like the unlocked version, may eschew said jack for HTC’s proprietary sync/charge/audio out/video out port (via adapter).

Check your choice in the poll. An image of all four carrier models and the unlocked/unbranded HTC model is also attached at the end for your reference.

Here are your color options, as it seems:

1. Unbranded: Black front with silver back, silver keyboard

2. T-Mobile USA: Black front with mocha backing, black keyboard

3. Sprint: Matte black trim on front with black back, black and orange keyboard

4. Verizon Wireless: Glossy black trim with silver back, black and green keyboard

5. AT&T Mobility: Chrome trim on front with silver and blue keyboard

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