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We now have more information on what the next version of Office Mobile will bring for Windows Mobile devices.

A huge focus for Office Mobile 2010 will be collaboration, just as will be the focus of Office 2010 for the desktop and web.

This is actually the mobile viewer application. Since it’s available on the web, any device with web access will be able to view Microsoft Office files.

Offices can set up online portals for document viewing, as seen here. The documents get rendered on the server, so it works like a web page. That means to us that they will be un-editable in this form.

The Communicator is an intra-office communication tool that lets you keep track of who is available, and so on. This product isn’t new, though the 2010 mobile version is presumably different, and you can learn more about it on the Microsoft Office website.

If you’re using Exchange 2010, you’ll have some changes to Outlook such as conversation view and voicemail conversion. The conversation view will show you a number next to all of your emails to show you if there are other messages associated with a particular conversation.

Overall, there aren’t many changes to the next version of Office Mobile, except in Outlook. To see the short video, check it out on Microsoft.

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