Microvision’s Show WX Laser Pico Projector


Have you ever wanted to show your friends or colleagues a picture or video on your cell phone? When you either gathered around the small screen, or passed your phone around, you realized that a small viewing area is not the ideal way to share such multimedia.

Microvison (MVIS) has the solution to such problems. Unlike other small handheld projectors in the market, the Show WX pico projector does not rely on LEDs or focusing a lens to achieve a crisp picture.

The Show WX uses a Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) two directional oscillating mirror, and three small laser diodes which are combined to create some of the most vivid colors the human eye can see. Unlike LED’s or high-intensity discharge bulbs, the lasers are always at a constant wavelength so light energy is rarely lost. When the lasers combine with the MEMS unit a processor tells the mirror to shoot one pixel of information at a time. So an image can even be projected onto uneven or curved surfaces. These components set the Show WX apart from any other pico projector because their technology will only get smaller.

Some of the specifications:

• Resolution: WVGA (848 x 480)

• Brightness: 10 Lumens

• Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Widescreen

• Refresh Rate: 60 Hz (nominal)

• Color Gamut: ] 200% NTSC

• Contrast Ratio: ] 5,000:1

• Throw Ratio: 1:1(projection distance/image diagonal)

• Image size: 150 mm to 2500 mm (6 in to 100 in)

• Projection Distance: 150 mm to 2500 mm (6 in to 100 in)

• Focus: No user focus adjustment needed. Image is always in focus, even on curved surfaces

• Regulatory: Class 2 laser product.1 UL listing planned

Microvison states that the projector will be available during this summer and will retail for around $400-$500 USD depending on manufacturing costs. Hopefully Microvison technology will be embedded in a Windows Phone soon.

Special thanks to Matt Nichols, Director of Communications, and Russell Hannigan, Product Management Director for giving us this innovative demonstration.

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