Opera Mobile 9.7: What Twitter is Saying


What happens when you put the rendering fidelity of Opera Mobile 9.5 together with the speed of Skyfire? You get Opera Mobile 9.7. Earlier we posted a demo of the new browser, and several hours later, we asked Twitter what they thought of it. And while we can’t post all of the responses, here is a recap of the replies that we got…

@ramontrotman way better than skyfire. minus the flash. but it renders lik ea champ! opera ftw!

@wiggz big Opera user on Artemis and now Blackstone…have to say I like it a lot…it will reign as a browser if it gets Flash

@spr33 Best mobile browser for browsing. Fast, stable, accurate. Skyfire for multimedia.

@guenzel the graphics are better with it but also the skyfire seems to be faster – is it possible?

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