Exchange Server 2010 Adds New Features to Outlook Mobile


If you’re tied to a corporate Exchange account, you may want to push for Exchange 2010 when it gets released into the wild by Microsoft. The new features adds some notable enhancements, including threaded email messages, which offers conversation view grouping by sender, similar to GMail and threaded SMS currently available on Windows Mobile 6.1. There is also

Exchange Server 2010 ActiveSync features

Block/Allow/Quarantine list: You can setup a single list to block/allow mobile devices as needed. You can also quarantine devices such as new untested devices, etc.

Over the Air Update Mode: You can now push new Outlook Mobile updates/new versions to Windows Mobile 6.1 and above. This is really nice since you no longer have to wait for a new Windows Mobile OS version to obtain a new version of Outlook Mobile.

SMS Sync: The ability to send SMS text messages through Exchange and EAS is used to sync SMS message with user’s mobile device.

Benefits of SMS sync:

•User can use OWA, Outlook, and Outlook Mobile to respond

•SMS messages are backed up on the server

•Recipients can respond to messages

•User can switch “screens” while still seeing all their messages

IMAP/POP3 service discovery: You can now autodiscover/autoconfigure the IMAP/POP3 settings from your mobile device by just specifying your email address.

Outlook Mobile features

Conversation View

Reply state: You can now see which emails you have replied to or forwarded.

Conversation actions: You can now ignore threads, move always threads to folders, etc from your mobile device. Ignore thread may become quite a popular feature.

Nickname cache: Very nice that your nicknames follow you now. Especially useful for external recipients you email often.

Voice Card: You no longer have to download the voicemail attached like before (right). You just hit play and hear the VM. The other feature that I really like is the ability to see a transcription of the voice mail in the body of the message. Very useful for meetings, noisy airports, where you can’t play the VM.

Get Free/Busy: It is awesome since you can now at a quick glance from your phone see the Free/busy info vs. breaking out the laptop, etc.

(via: WMPowerUser; feature list taken from Technet).

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