Contest Results: Win an Unlocked HTC Touch Pro!


And….we have a winner of the unlocked HTC Touch Pro.

First, a huge thank you to all the contributors. There are some great entries, and the best part is that people will learn a lot of great things from all of the contributions. The Touch Pro goes to Schnizzleton.

Here are some highlights:

FAQ Guide for New Users of Windows Mobile

From the winner, Schnizzleton, this FAQ guide contains a ton of great information for those embarking into the world of Windows Mobile. From applications to email to texting to picture taking, this FAQ digs deep into issues that new users face. Have any FAQs to add? It’s a wiki – go ahead!

Must Haves

Also from Schnizzleton, the Must Haves section helps users find out the must-have applications and registry edits for all Windows Mobile users. Still in its infancy, this will serve as a great tool for new all users. We encourage you to add to this section.

Developer Resources

Outlined by Dldnh and filled in by J2inet, this is a great starting point for those wanting develop software for Windows Mobile devices.

Flash Memory

From J2inet we have a great guide that explains flash memory.

Technical Terms

From Relic we have a very nice glossary that will explain terms that are necessary to be fluent in everything Windows Mobile.

Great reviews like:

Panels for the XPERIA X1

Msalmank discusses how panels work and function on an XPERIA X1.


Manila Customizer

From Snowman81 that shows off a Manila theme customizer


Push E-Mail

Kismetsky explaining how to get Push Email up and running.

And lots more.

Thanks again to everyone that participated – we hope that you will find value in using and adding to our Wiki. It’s turning into a fantastic resource.

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