HTC Touch Diamond2 Software Tour


The new version of TouchFLO 3D found on the Diamond2 brings a lot of changes – the calendar tab with weather integration, the unified communications screen, an improved alarm application, a more intuitive notification area, and more.

We also are very excited about Push Internet, which has the device automatically download a webpage at set intervals. This is very helpful for sites you check on a regular basis. That said, once Opera Mobile 9.7 comes around and offers improved page load times, Push Internet may not be necessary.

Also of note is the haptic feedback that causes the device to vibrate as you type on the keyboard, or when you touch any TouchFLO 3D button. I’m not sure whether getting vibration feedback while using an onscreen keyboard is helpful. It may come down to personal preference.

All is not roses in terms of software on the Diamond2, though. We still don’t have screen rotation in all screens (though I should mention that in messaging, there is automatic screen rotation so that you can use the landscape keyboard. I didn’t show this in the video). Also, the Zoom slider, while an intersting idea, provides imprecise zooming especially in Opera Mobile.

Oddly, I had to hard reset the Diamond2 today. The device didn’t recognize my SIM card, despite many soft resets. Also, the device became generally unresponsive.

That said, we’ve got the full review coming up soon where we’ll cover everything in detail. In the mean time, check out the unboxing video and the hardware tour.

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