New Version Opera Mobile – Now Hitting Build 15316


XDA Developers published two versions of the popular browser from Opera, Opera Mobile build 15316, one for QVGA devices and one for VGA devices.

The QVGA version is optimized and has the following changes over stock, according to XDA:


-Full Exit

-Auto RAM Cache

-Max Tabs set to 10

-Download Complete Notification

-Smooth Scrolling

-Turbo Mode

-Special Effects Enabled

-Scroll Bar Colors Enabled

-Diamond Profile

-16 MB Disk Cache

-Tweaked Adaptive Zooming

-Max Server and Total Connections Tweaked

-Removed HTC splash, substituted for original Opera splash

-Defaulted skin colors to black

-Home page set to Google

The VGA version seems to bring somewhat faster internet experience but misses the zoom slider; you can follow this solution to reenable it from here.

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