If Apple Married Android: Palm Pre Running Web OS


As we write this, Palm’s CES presentation is going on. The new OS, which was floating around as Nova, will be called Web OS because it focuses on the things you do on the web. It’s not quite cloud computing, but Palm is placing more emphasis on the net.

The new device, called the Palm Pre, allows for gesture support according to Gizmodo:

The new UI is called Web OS, and it’s designed to be so simple, you only need to focus on the information and content you want, not the OS itself.

They’re demoing the UI right now. It looks really responsive, aesthetically appealing design. The UI has a quick view that organizes data into “Cards” that can be rotated with your finger and it shuffles from card to card”

The device has a half VGA display with center button at the bottom, a la iPhone. It will feature EVDO Rev. A, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, and a home screen that looks like a cross between Android and the iPhone. It has a a sliding QWERTY keyboard in portrait mode as well as a multi-touch screen.

According to gdgt live, applications launch in cards, where you can shuffle between “cards” for ease of use.

The Pre will also come with an application called Synergy, which will pull contacts and calendars from social networking sites and various sites from the internet to keep you synchronized. The OS looks very clean.

The device even has an Android-esque notification area at top and notifications and pings can come in at the bottom. You can dismiss the notifications with a gesture.

My thoughts: looks to be a great device. However, with all the connectivity, what’s the battery life going to be like?!

Update: Looks like Palm read my mind on that one. They are introducing Touchstone, a wireless inductive charging accessory for the Palm Pre.

Update 2: Sprint’s CEO was introduced on stage as the “exclusive launch partner.” Not sure what that means, but hopefully a US-GSM and worldwide GSM availability will be forthcoming shortly after the Sprint’s exclusive. Traditionally, Palm had given US carriers a brief period of launch exclusivity before opening up to the rest of the market.

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