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My friend has the AT&T HTC Fuze, the variant of the Touch Pro that has been modified for AT&T. The main differences between the AT&T and the unbranded HTC version are AT&T’s choice of software and keyboard layout, forgoing the dedicated number row (as traditional on most desktop keyboards) and opting to go with a number pad where you have to push a function button and the number. I noticed that the Fuze does not have YouTube Player on the application menu nor on the TouchFLO 3D menu interface like my Touch Pro does, but the good news is that the Player is there and all you need to do is enable it.

The Player is located under your Windows directory on File Explorer. You can create a shortcut (not copy and paste) and paste the shortcut somewhere in your Programs folder (Windows/Start Menu/Programs). You can do this with Resco Explorer, Total Commander, or File Explorer by tapping and holding with your finger or stylus, and when the pop up shows up, select “Copy Shortcut.”

Another method requires an edit of the registry file. XDA-Developers has a good tutorial if you are more advanced. This will enable you to actually place the YouTube program for launch within TouchFLO 3D. This will be more convenient, but will be a more advanced process:

The process isn’t too difficult but you’ll need a good file explorer like Total Commander and if you’re not comfortable editing Read-Only TF3D files, then DON’T TRY THIS!!

You’ll need to edit the InternetPortal-en-US.xml file located in the Application DataManila folder, so it’s probably a good idea to make a backup of the file before you start messing with it.

Find the section in the file.

Between and add this text:


ImagePath=”WindowsHTCAssetsImagesInternetPort alyoutube.qtc”


Save the file and make it Read-Only again and you should have a YouTube icon on your Internet tab.

From there, you can even search the pocketnow.com YouTube Channel for additional videos, tips, and tricks!

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