HTC Touch HD Hardware Tour


In this video, we take a hardware tour of the Touch HD. As we mentioned earlier, the device is essentially a massive screen. The entire front panel is one uniform piece of glass (well, glass resides under the top layer of the resistive touch screen), and it looks beautiful. Everyone I’ve shown the phone to so far as has the same impression after pulling it out of the cover: “Wow!” There’s nothing else out there that looks like the Touch HD.

The four hardware buttons feel capacitive (meaning, a very light touch is required to operate them, and they don’t push inward), but you can operate them with a stylus and not just a finger. When you press any of the buttons, you get a bit of haptic feedback. The device doesn’t have a D-Pad, which I’m missing a bit, but over the next few days in using it I’m bound to get used to it.

On the top of the device we have a welcomed 3.5mm headphone jack, along with a standby button which has a little status light built into it.

On the back, which is covered in rubberized plastic, there is a 5MP camera – which is quite a high resolution for a Windows Mobile device (the Omnia’s camera is also 5MP). Unfortunately, there is no flash. Behind the battery cover is the microSD slot and soft reset hole.

Overall, the gorgeous device feels sturdy in the hand, though it’s definitely large – taller and wider than most Windows Mobile devices. It’s only 12mm thick, but because the edges aren’t rounded, it feels thicker than the iPhone.

We’ll back back soon with more. Be sure to check out the unboxing video.

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