Palm Treo Pro Hardware Tour


In this video, we cover the hardware of the Palm Treo Pro. Though the device looks handsome with the all-black shiny finish, it’s also a bit cheap feeling with a heavy use of plastic. The D-Pad and hardware buttons are well placed, and the lack of hardware soft keys isn’t much of a disappointment. The keyboard is small and unsturdy, though it’ll take me a few days to determine if it’s usable.

After taking off the hard-to-remove battery cover, we find that the soft reset hole is placed in an awkward location behind the stylus. Speaking of stylus, the Treo Pro uses the non-collapsible variety, which we like.

The Pro includes a microUSB jack on the bottom, which isn’t nearly as good as miniUSB or HTC’s ExtUSB. Also on the bottom is an applauded 3.5mm headphone jack. On the other side, we have a WiFi button, and then on the top, a sound silencer and standby button.

As I mentioned in the video, my impressions of the screen thus far aren’t good. In daylight, it’s washed out by a milky tint – and indoors, the contrast seems low and the colors don’t pop. I’ll show you comparisons soon.

There are two things I forgot to mention in the video. First – to the right of the WiFi button is an IrDA port (retro!), and second – the microSD slot is stealthily placed on the right side of the device and behind the battery cover. I wish they had placed it in a more accessible location.

In the next video, we’ll cover the software features of the Treo Pro.

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