Windows Mobile Used Throughout U.S. Government


Pocket PC Magazine has an interesting article discussing the use of Windows Mobile within the U.S. Federal Government. Here’s a few quotes:

The U.S. Federal Government is among the largest group of Windows Mobile device users worldwide. Whether it is for secure mobile e-mail and messaging, access to critical enterprise Line of Business (LOB) applications, or a special-duty unit customized to perform one or two specific functions, the government is purchasing devices in large numbers.

As noted by Mr. Tommy Morris (the developer of the widely used BMIS-T battlefield Triage application): “Typical program costs are often in the millions of dollars. With Windows Mobile, we are saving tax dollars by developing and deploying applications and entire systems that cost in the hundreds of thousands or exponentially less money.”

Mobile applications in the government are wide and diverse. They span a spectrum of uses including: Logistical Support software (SW); Common Operational Picture (COP) SW; Specialized Devices that detect IEDs; Medical Decision Support SW that aids medics/EMTs in the field; Physicians and Nurses aides for patient bedside care; Positive Identification Systems; Base Perimeter Security/Access Control; Incident Management; Rail Integrity Inspections; Disaster Recovery; Displaced Persons; First Responders; Parole and Pretrial Services applications; specialized Forward Fire devices; many surveillance uses for DHS and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies; Inspections and Digital Forms; rich, GIS-based applications such as those planned for the U.S. Commerce Dept. by 500,000 enumerators of the 2010 U.S. Census, etc. The list goes on and on with new uses and applications developed on an almost daily basis.

In other words, this is what the big boys use.

For more information on why the government prefers Windows Mobile as well as some of the impressive applications developed for government operations, see Pocket PC Magazine.

On the same note, for more information about Windows Mobile’s use in the public sector (military, police, fire, and emergency services), see this article.

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