Bling My Diamond 1: Diamond Configuration


In this series, we’ll try to give you some tips and tricks to get the most functionality and customization to your Touch Diamond. If what they say is true, that a diamond is forever, then might as well make your Diamond something you’re proud of.

Many advanced users are familiar with the Advanced Configuration utility that aids in tweaking your device through a user-friendly graphical user interface. Well, there is something similar for the Touch Diamond, and should subsequently work for the Touch Pro as well, called the Diamond TF3D Config–we’ll call it Diamond Config for short through the rest of this article and in future pieces. Unlike the Advanced Configuration tool–which helps to tweak system settings–the Diamond Config tool is mostly used to change TouchFLO 3D whereby users can rearrange the tabs in TouchFLO 3D, among other tweaks, according to XDA-Developers:


-Change order



-Change theme: Themes

-Restore default theme

-Change date format on home screen

-Change language

-Remove branding on home screen


-Improve performance


-Custom tweaks

Program Launcher

-Change order

-Edit favorites

-Select any file you want

-Change Icon

-Add/Remove favorites

-Remove lock


You can grab the utility directly from XDA-Developers or browse the discussion thread.

Happy tweaking!

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