The HTC Touch Diamond, James Bond Edition


     Here’s my take on it if I was in charge of marketing the idea to both HTC and the movie studios. Not to mention I’d probably get a giant chunk of cash for spearheading the idea! Looking at things from my marketing and advertising background, I have put together a rough selling point to the powers that be. The packaging would be the same, except for maybe an embossed Bond silhouette on the box. The color would be the same jet black (to save on further design costs) with one small .20 ct diamond on the very top of the front face as an exception. Thus, making it a Limited Edition phone. The packaging inserts would of course have a pamphlet or two dedicated to the Bond theme, defining it even more as a “one of a kind” phone. Aside from the start-up CD, there will also be a limited edition disc containing some sort of "special features" on the upcoming Bond film + a trip down memory lane of the best loved Bond gadgets. In my experience, people eat that up like there’s no tommorow.

     And here’s the kicker….every time you turn the phone on, a hot little 10 second video graphic would play instead of the standard HTC intro. It would be to the grandiose tune of "diamonds are forever" with silhouettes and shadows of classic artfully nude bond girls in sparkly "diamonds", done in the sort of intro all bond movies have. How cool would that be just to turn the phone on? Speaking in behalf of the billions of people who needlessly spend money on crap, I sure would buy a phone just for that!

     But wait, there’s more! Along with the standard ringtones, there will be two or three Bond tones available exclusively on the Limited Edition Diamond. It could be the classic 007 theme, Diamonds Are Forever remix, and of course the theme to the new film, whatever that may be (I hear it‘s an Alicia Keys & Jack White collaboration.) Then…picture this. When you power the phone off…A beautiful 5 second HTC graphic (Because HTC would need to have its time too) with sparkly diamonds spiraling across the logo to the exhilarating “Bond Theme” as the screen fades to black. And CUT! Oooohh!

     Pricing would of course be carefully considered. $999 would be my best suggestion. It would cost no more than the ridiculously priced Armani, Prada and other pricey predecessors, including the diamond studded million dollar phones. The difference would be that the Touch Diamond is actually a great phone to begin with, so people will have no problem buying (they already buy stupid things for more ridiculous amounts of money)…Add to that a bonafide beloved familiar theme such as the James Bond name, if advertised right will only make a gigantic killing in the nine figure range, given the amount of handsets this will sell. In addition, not only would it boost the hype of the movie, but will give the rest of the world a whole new red-carpet introduction to the windows mobile platform!

     You see theme devices come out all the time right? Celebrity perfumes have made billions of dollars. Designer themed phones and devices (did you see the Giorgio Armani flat screen LCD TV?) have made hundreds of millions. Even cars for that matter have gained considerable revenue due to movie marketing. Even Apple launched a “limited edition U2 ipod” which sold a ridiculous number of units, considering the only difference was the color. What other movie franchise in history makes using gadgets look cooler than BOND? Nothing. So back to my initial question. Why hasn’t a Windows Mobile company jumped on this idea? In a perfect world, with my idea. I say this would be one of the greatest money-making, publicity collaborations yet.

     Of course, it will just be another dream idea, considering "Quantum Of Solace" is due out in a few months…meaning they wouldn’t have any time to market the new idea. But it’s a pretty no-brainer, viable idea nonetheless. So to all the ridiculously paid mobile device company execs out there…HELLO???

     So as I sit here and daydream of a juicy steak, mashed potatoes, gravy and sautéed green beans for dinner (I haven‘t eaten all day), I play the Bond Theme on YouTube, thinking "wouldn’t that be cool…" Ah, if only. Stay tuned for next week’s article where I will be attempting to resolve the age old question, why are women just not that into gadgets as men are? This is Jenna reporting for Besos!

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