New WinMo Interface Tracks Location, Executes Macros


There’s a new Windows Mobile interface replacement to look forward to called TouchXperience, and it looks pretty damn cool.

To start, if you’re using a Touch Diamond or Pro, you can scroll through lists by moving the device, or even navigate through TouchFLO 3D by tilting the phone laterally. It also extends the auto screen rotation feature to other areas of the OS that you don’t get out of the box.

Most interesting feature: a Macro program that carries out certain tasks based on a specific input (time, location using aGPS, specific words in a message, etc). For example, it could remind you to buy bread when you’re near the bakery, silence your phone when at work, enable flight mode during night hours, turn on WiFi and change screen brightness when at home, etc. Very neat.

Other cool features: you can set custom Today screen profiles that are dependent on location, there is a power management screen allowing you to shut down, restart, or put your phone to sleep, and finally, it adds an XML-based “main” screen called TouchHome that allows for custom placement of various widgets.

Check out more videos on the TouchXperience website, which is quite slim on other details such as release date and cost (heck, there isn’t even contact info for the developer), but the word is that it will be available “soon” for the Touch Diamond, Touch Pro, TyTN, and TyTN II. If this sees the light of day, it will represent a significant software innovation for Windows Mobile.

Update: It looks like there is a beta wait-list running at XDA-Devs. Thanks efjay.

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