Meet The World’s Sexiest, Coolest Smartphone — The Q9 Napoleon


The world’s sexiest, coolest Smartphone (er, WM Standard device) may be coming to Verizon Wireless courtesy of Motorola — the Motorola Q9 Napoleon (presumably named that way because it will conquer the world).

Boy Genius Report got his hands on one and reports the following specs:

  • Windows Mobile Standard 6.1
  • 320×240 QVGA landscape screen
  • CDMA EV-DO Rev. A (Yes, it’s got high-speed Rev. A)
  • GSM with quad-band EDGE (Yes, it’s a world phone, and even includes the U.S. 850MHz/1900MHz bands. It supposedly worked fine with an AT&T SIM card, although whether that will work when released is an open question.)
  • WiFi (You read that correctly, although no mention of 802.11b, g or n.)
  • 2 megapixel camera with flash
  • Stereo speakers (like all Qs)
  • A 1500 mAh battery
  • A fingerprint scanner on the back (Wow! One of my favorite inventions.)

  • The downsides? He doesn’t think the keyboard is as good as my Q9m’s and thought the directional pad was very stiff. There also doesn’t appear to be a scroll wheel or GPS (but I have plenty of Bluetooth GPS receivers).

    Be sure to visit the link and check out the other pictures in his photo gallery.

    There have been a few CDMA/GSM Pocket PC Phones, but this is the first Smartphone I’ve heard of with both technologies. And how many world phones also include WiFi?

    Does this sound like a great phone or what?

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