Special Enhancements of the Toshiba Portege G810


How is the Toshiba Portege G810 different than any other device that has some Spb software thrown onto it? Well, it’s really not. There are some interesting qualities of the hardware, which we’ll get to later, but essentially what we have is an HTC Touch-like device with Spb Mobile Shell, Pocket Plus, and Full Screen Keyboard. And that’s not a bad thing, because these software titles (especially the first two) are top notch.

I’m starting to really enjoy using Mobile Shell – it allows me to forget the ugly interface of Windows Mobile for a minute and use something that is more visually pleasing. My tendency is to discount Mobile Shell and just use the standard Today screen, but I’m forcing myself to get used to the “Now” screen, as Spb calls it.

Oh, and I really don’t like the stylus. I understand the need to be different, but come on, Toshiba, why do I have to pull off half the side of the device to get to the stylus? It feels cheap, and isn’t quick and easy to reach for.

There are some very cool elements of Mobile Shell that I discovered after shooting this video. I’ll have that video posted tomorrow. I’ll also show the Pocket Plus flick-scrolling, which is superior to the that of HTC TouchFLO, and more iPhone-like than I’ve ever seen on a Windows Mobile device.

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