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    There are many models of miniature speakers you place close to your ears. They are called headphones, earphones, or earbuds. You have a choice of models which fit over the ear, in the outer ear or inside the ear canal. CellPoint, a Swedish company which specializes in outer ear earphones, has recently released their Flamingo Music wired stereo earphones. The Flamingo Music was a winner of the 2008 CES Award for innovative design and engineering. They use CellPoint’s second generation EarClick technology for a personalized fit in your outer ear. Let’s see how they feel and sound!


     The Flamingo Music earphones feature two 9mm neodynmium rare earth magnet drivers with a frequency response of 12Hz to 22kHz. They have a 12 gauge shielded sports grade braided cable with a 24K gold plated 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo plug. The earphones and cable weight .78 oz (22g).



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The back of the Flamingo Music states that the EarClick technology creates a secure and weightless fit. I have been using them for several weeks and I have to agree.

This is the earbud defined.

The EarClick EarPad removed removed from the ear bud.

There are seven additional EarPad size for a very personalized fit.

The instruction pamphlet provides an excellent set of pictures which describe how to personalize the fit of the EarClick technology.

The Flamingo Music earphones do not require a special adapter (right bottom) to fit into Apple’s iPhone (note to Apple designers: what were you thinking!).

The Flamingo Music earphones work very well with the AT&T Tilt, although the Tilt requires an adapter (note to HTC designers: what were you thinking!).

The Flamingo Music earphones come with a protective suede pouch.

    The Flamingo Music earphones are extremely loud; I could not turn up the volume 100% on my iPhone. They recreate the sound stage very well; I could clearly hear the rain in the song Riders On the Storm from the Doors. They lack strong bass but, though do not sound tiny with pronounced midrange. They are light and wear very comfortably, however at high volume the open air design will allow people around you to hear your music.


   I would love to see a way of attenuating the external sound the Flamingo Music earphones produce. I like my music fairly loud (these are loud) and do not feel comfortable disturbing individuals around me, especially in quiet settings.


    The Flamingo Music earphones retail for $49.99 and are available in chrome, black, blistered red, and white.


  • Loud, crisp and accurate sound

  • Lightweight

  • Comfortable to wear


  • Volume control not included

  • Sound can be heard by others

  • Bass response lacking

of Use



    The Flamingo Music earphones are tough to beat at $49.99 and I feel they sound as good as ones costing twice that. I love the fact the stereo plug was engineered to fit in the iPhone’s recessed headset jack. They provide excellent sound stage reproduction, albeit more midrange than some might enjoy. They are very solidly built and the cord seems almost indestructible. If you can live with people around you hearing your music and a lack of deep bass response, then the Flamingo Music are worth looking at.

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