Crystal Icing Crystal Case for Sprint Mogul



     I chose a zebra pattern because it was basic
enough to go with everything (zebra is so in all the
time). Plus it's elegant and not-tacky. I've been
having my phones crystallized for the past four
years now. Each one a reflection of my attitude and
a perfect compliment to my fashion statement.
Working in the fashion industry and being the busy
corporate worker that I am puts me in the direct
path of a whole lot of people. Unfortunately in my
profession, image plays a big part. So If there is
one thing I've noticed, it is that every time my
sparkly cell phone sits on a table, or when I slip it
out of my evening bag at a fancy dinner, I instantly
get stunned eyes on me!  

    The name of the place I got this particular one
made at is called Crystal Icing.   Crystal Icing has served people like Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, Chris Brown, and Eva Longoria. There
are other places that do just a great a job, if not
better. And are about the same price range. But for
this review, let’s stick with this one.  

(all images link to higher resolution)

The zebra pattern looks great with everything.  

The case fits perfectly and all the hardware
buttons remain accessible.

One piece of the shell goes on the front, while
another piece is on the back. This allows for easy
keyboard sliding.

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