Official Windows Mobile 6.1 update for Kaiser leaks out


The official Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM upgrade for the HTC TyTN II has been leaked over at MoDaCo:

in the next couple of days the file ‘RUU_Kaiser_HTC_WWE_3.28.405.0_radio_ sign_25.83.40.02_1.65.16.25_Ship.exe’ that you can find here will also become available via official channels!

The update is for HTC TyTN II devices, and will be followed later by a AT&T branded update. The update adds Windows Mobile 6.1 with improvements such as the ‘Getting Started’ wizard, Threaded SMS and general performance and battery life updates, as well as HTC’s ‘video performance’ update. So what’s it like? Performance IS improved, however with no real video acceleration, don’t get your hopes up TOO much! Thanks to tweaks in 6.1 in general plus HTC’s optimisations, the device DOES feel a lot slicker in use, although if you are coming from a ‘cooked’ ROM you have probably seen the speed improvement already. If you are still on the standard 6.0 ROM, you NEED to install this.

I guess I know what I’m doing later. Hopefully, the bug with syncing between two computers on WM 6.1 has been fixed.

UPDATE: I hope this is not the final ROM update because there are some definite bugs with the TouchFLO implementation. TouchFLO on this ROM does both stylus and finger functions at the same time. So if you press and drag with your finger in Internet Explorer, the context sensitive Tap-n-Hold menu will come up as well as pan/scroll the page. I hope they fix this before releasing the Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM upgrade.

The good news is, screen orientation switching is improved. Instead of the piece by piece slow rotation, the device just waits a second or so and then performs an instant rotation.

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