Save Big on the Windows Mobile Phones With Costco


I just found out about the BlackJack II being offered at AT&T through Costco for a great price as part of their package deals for $79.99. I recently joined Costco. Although I don’t really purchase much from the warehouse because I don’t eat as much and buying food in bulk doesn’t really make sense for me unless I have a large family and could feed an army. However, there are some deals at Costco worth mentioning: car tires, gas at some locations, and services like insurance, in addition to the great AT&T deal with the BlackJack II, Motorola Q9h, and the AT&T Tilt. Best of all, you don’t have to be a Costco member to take advantage of the deals on AT&T equipment.

To sign on for the deal(s), click here to go to Costco. There, you will find a link directing you to the AT&T-Costco page. Click on Packages and Deals. You should see savings and bundles for regular phones and smartphones.

Of note are:

1) Samsung BlackJack II Bundle: This comes with the phone, a Bluetooth headset. travel charger, and pouch for only $79.99 after an instant $50 online discount.

2) Motorola Moto Q9h Package: Included is the phone, Bluetooth headset, car charger, and a fitted Motorola case for $149.99 after online discount and $100 mail-in rebates.

3) AT&T Tilt: This comes with the device, a Motorola Bluetooth headset, car charger, and black leather case for $299.99 after instant online discount and $100 main-in rebates.

These prices are great if you are either new to AT&T. A two-year service agreement is required.

What is great about these deals through Costco is that your contract is with AT&T and you could change your plan up or down at any time without penalization, unlike contracts and discounts through third party sites like or where you cannot remove features or downgrade a calling plan. Also, Costco will allow you to purchase the phone with just a voice plan and you don’t need to add a data package to the device if you don’t want to. There have been mixed reports with users being forced into a data plan at AT&T retailers if they buy a smartphone. Third party sites also require you to purchase a data plan as well. Here, you could just get a voice plan and add data as you go along after you’ve evaluated your own needs.

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