And These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: Best of 2007


2007 was a great year for mobile devices. The BlackBerries got more consumer-oriented. The iPhone was released marking for a better user experience interfacing with a mobile device. Windows Mobile and Nokia released some heavy-hitters with mass-market GPS appeal. The Nokia N95 was a hit with a 5 MP camera. So here’s my list of top 10 favorites with mass-market appeal:

1. Apple iPhone–although not a business machine, it’s the first consumer phone that was a hit.

2. HTC Shadow–innovative user interface

3. HTC TyTN II/AT&T Tilt–has everything sans VGA

4. Nokia N95

5. Samsung BlackJack II/Motorola Q9 Global

7. BlackBerry Curve/8300 series

8. Pantech Duo

9. Samsung i760

10. HTC Mogul/Verzion XV6800

What are your your favorites for the year? MobilitySite lists their favorites in order as the Tilt, BlackJack II, Dash, Mogul, and Shadow. I personally can’t list the Mogul that high beause it didn’t really add to much from the previous generation. GPS wasn’t enabled out of the box, although a fix is reportedly coming. The BlackJack II and Motorola Q9 brought GPS and 3G while the Pantech Duo added a unique form factor to the Windows Mobile camp and were rated higher by me.

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