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   As the cold of winter really starts to set in, and it becomes time to bundle up through the spring, I often find that my normal winter jackets can’t hold up to the number of gadgets I want to carry, especially when I travel. So gadgets get stacked with gadgets, with careful placement to minimize any damage that might occur. Scott from SeV has decided to make life a lot more sane with the release of his Ultimate Hoodie Microfleece. How does it work in the real world? Read on for the review!


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With 11 pockets, this SeV hoodie has plenty of spots to store your gear. This particular model also includes a place for your pen, an MP3 player pocket (with the ability to control the device through the fabric), a water bottle holder, and much more.

   Made from 100% polyester, this hoodie has a Microfleece texture that has ribbed ends on the cuffs and bottom. Unfortunately, there isn’t an XLT option for us long-armed folks, and so the sleeve ends (at least for me) right at the start of my hand, rather than extending slightly over it. The jacket is warm, lightweight, and very comfortable, but also generates a bit of static.

   The MP3 player pocket is a new design feature. The mesh front allows you to see the screen, and even navigate touch-based devices such as the Zune 2 and iPod through the fabric. This is one of my favorite functions, as it means you no longer need to unzip or unvelcro a pocket to use your device, which subsequently means you won’t forget to secure the device again, risking a potential fall. One loads the device through the top velcro flap, and can pass through headphone cables via the TEC ports.

Standard to most SeV wear is the magnetically closed side pockets. On the right side of the jacket, just behind the hand pocket is a small zippered area for even more storage.

   The bottom pockets all have TEC ports except for the right hand pocket (which also contains the water bottle loop).

   Inside, and to the left, is another interior pocket along with two pen pockets. Just at the zipper level are a set of velcro cable management tabs, and on the main pocket itself is a rubberized TEC port. Moving to the bottom of this split pocket, we find the split pocket which has a sunglass area close to the shoulder to help disguise the bulk.


   Another great feature is the new cable management in the collar area. The velcro cable pathways here a covered with a thick bit of Microfleece, thus making the collar more comfortable. There is a small loop for headphones on either side of this pathway.

   Much to my surprise was the minimalist look of this jacket. The tags and logos (other than the bright red TEC on the sleeve) are unobtrusive. There is a small SeV logo on the front, but it is done in black and silver thread, and is barely noticeable. The fit, save the sleeve length, was close, which I appreciate. I’m a big guy, but I normally have to buy XL clothing to get the sleeve and body lengths right – often times this makes the rest of the garment hang off me. Not the case with the SeV Ultimate Hoodie. The hood really isn’t anything special, just Microfleece like the rest of the jacket with two pulls to batten down the hatches, as necessary.


   Really, I only had three items that I would have even consider changing. First up is the Microfleece. While warm and comfortable, it does have a tendency to easily generate static, and we all know how good that can be for your electronic goodies. And secondly, I have long arms. Really long arms. And so the sleeve cuffs end a little shorter than I would like. This is no fault of SeV, however – but XLT version would certainly be a benefit to me. Last, there seems to be a missing TEC port on the right pocket (although it does contain the water bottle holder).


    You can purchase SCOTTEVEST’s Ultimate Hoodie Microfleece here for $70 USD. Preorder before 1/15/08 and save $10 on sizes not currently in stock.


  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Technology Enabled Clothing
  • Plenty of pockets


  • Microfleece (static)
  • Sleeves can be a tad short for long arms
of Use


do these ratings mean


   An excellent all-around hoodie that looks great, can carry your gadgets, manage the wiring for said electronics, and still is comfortable and lightweight. As usual, Scott has done a great job with this product, and I would heartily recommend you consider this for your next hoodie replacement (or purchase).

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