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    Our lives
are busy, and if you visit this site on a regular basis, chances are
you like being efficient. Nothing can make a person feel inefficient as
having to ask someone to repeat themselves over and over or even doing
the same yourself. Many headset makers claim their handsfree is the
solution to our woes. Gennum is orchestrating a new symphony with their latest offering with dual microphones to cancel the noise. Does it work well? Read on to find out!


    The Gennum nx6000 is the
newest in a fine line from Gennum. It not only boasts a small size and
solid battery life it has unmatched noise reduction.  While
testing the nx6000 I held conversations via the headset everywhere from
a convertible with the top down to the bus terminal at the airport.
Indoors or out, every word spoken made it loud and clear to the other

Bluetooth Headset

Our Rating
Talk Time | Standby (hours)

Street Price
Bluetrek Metal
5 | 180
Jabra BT8010
10 | 300
BlueAnt Z9i
5.5 | 200
Aliph Jawbone 2
4 | 192
iqua BHS-303
6 | 150
Gennum nx6000
6 | 75
10 | 300
5 | 150
5.5 | 200
4 | 75
6 | 120
9 | 250
12 | 360
3 | 100
6 | 300
3.5-10 | 80
7 | 180
4 | 250
5 | 120
6 | 300
6 | 300
30 | 700

15 | 300

7 | 300
6 | 300
7 | 100
5 | 250
2 | 100
8 | 1000
4 | 200


(all images link to higher resolution)

Gennum’s packaging for the nx6000 was solid and attractive. Definitely designed to stand out on store shelves.

It was absolutely brilliant of Gennum to include this label letting me
know I wouldn’t have to make another trip to the store for a car

    The box contents (clockwise from
top) are the English and French quick reference cards and user manuals,
the nx6000 itself, the extra ear loop and various  sized cups, the
wall charger, car charger and USB cable.

    The Gennum nx6000 charges through a
mini USB 5 pin adapter. It is possible to charge this from your
computer. Handily, the cable also works as a sync cable for
devices with mini USB 5 pin plugs. Further, even though the chargers
puts out .5A it is still possible to charge your phone with it as well,
albeit slower than normal.

    The extra ear hook is a bit bigger than the attached one for those of
us with a bit of Dumbo in our genes. Additionally, the little rubber
cups are a thoughtful addition so you can pick and choose which one
fits your ear canal comfortably and to aid in reducing environmental


The outer side of the nx6000
contains two microphones that helps it distinguish and reduce ambient
noise from your environment so the person on the other end of the call
can understand you.

Around the mini USB plug are multi colored LEDs that signal
everything from an incoming call to charging states. The two buttons
above and below have a nice tactile feel and control volume.

The large button on the bottom (or
top depending on favorite side) is a multifunction, controlling
everything from power and holding calls to muting and holding calls.

The Gennum nx6000 is small with gentle curves.

It is barely big enough to fit the sticker with its model information on it.

The different sized ear cups are handy for finding the right fit so you can block out noise.

    Right of the box the Gennum
nx6000 just needs a charge and pairing before it is ready. The initial
charge is only 4 hours but it is a long 4 hours as I couldn’t wait to
test it out. At the writing of this review the Gennum nx6000 contains
the most powerful DSP in a Bluetooth headset that I know of.
FrontWave Technology uses the twin microphones to create a ‘cocoon of
quality’ around your voice using a near field acoustic beam that only
transmits the sounds coming from the area of your mouth. The nx6000’s
software can also be updated via USB when Gennum releases updates. The
nx6000 has 75 hours of standby time and up to 6 hours of talk time.


provides an English and French user manual as well as a handy functions
card that comes in handy for the first couple days of use.


    All that is required is that you have a phone with bluetooth capability.


The Gennum nx6000 is small so be careful when you are not using it as
it can be easily misplaced. The ear hooks have a tendency to pop off in
your pocket along with the ear cup


    The Gennum nx6000 is available through many of their distributors from their Where to Buy page for between $100 and $150 USD. You can also do a Froogle search to find the same range of prices.


  • Excellent noise reduction

  • Small and comfortable, you’ll forget it’s there

  • Sleek design


  • Ear hooks and ear cups can be lost easily

  • A bit pricey
of Use



    Over the years I have used
many of the ‘best’ headsets. Nothing bothers me more than having to
switch from the handsfree back to the phone so the call could be
understood. The Gennum nx6000 has far surpassed my expectations.
Usually I forget to bring a handsfree with me however I have enjoyed
the nx6000 so much I actually remember it more than my wallet. If you
are in the market for a new handsfree for yourself or as a holiday
gift, go with the Gennum nx6000, especially if you need a high degree of noise cancellation and don’t mind paying a bit of a premium.

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