Sticky: Nine Long-Overdue Windows Mobile Features


There are a lot of us who have been using Windows Mobile in some form for over 7 years now. In those 7 years, a lot has been changed for the better, but there are still many long overdue features that cannot be found in the WM devices of today. Here’s a list of 9 that I put together, and if you think of a good one, add it in the comments. For each, I specify whether it’s an issue limited to the Standard (Smartphone) version of the OS, or Professional (Pocket PC phone).

1. Standard. No copy and paste.

2. Standard. Cannot create a new Excel, Word, or PowerPoint file.

3. Professional. Cannot create a PowerPoint presentation.

4. Standard & Pro. No spellcheck in Outlook mobile.

5. Standard & Pro. No new mail notification for email sub-folders.

6. Standard & Pro. No zooming or panning in Pocket Internet Explorer.

7. Standard & Pro. Category colors don’t display in Calendar.

8. Standard & Pro. Cannot specify function of right soft key (on most devices).

9. Standard & Pro. No on-screen SMS preview.

Many of these missing features can be added via a registry hack or third party programs, but it would be nice if they were included out of the box.

Update: We’re getting some excellent additions from readers. Here’s a compilation thus far.

Update 2: This is turning out to be a popular thread. I’m going to keep it sticky for another day, when I will then send the list to my Microsoft MVP lead, who has been great on passing on feedback to the Windows Mobile development team. Keep ’em coming!

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