Gomadic QuadCharge Universal Charging Station



    The problem
with device chargers is that they can create a huge clutter. Enter Gomadic, with their
sights set squarely on creating a streamlined, cleaner living space and the
ability to charge multiple devices at the same time, with the QuadCharge Universal
Charging Station. Read on to find
out if the Gomadic QuadCharge empowers the user, or fails to charge.


    The QuadCharge uses Gomadic’s TipExchange technology to charge up to four of your devices at the same time.
When you buy new a device, just order a new compatible tip from Gomadic
(at about $6 each) and you will be set with the QuadCharge. Additionally, the elegant form
factor will not dominate your living space, instead it will clean it up
by lessening the amount of cable and charger clutter you have.


(all images link to higher resolution)

This wonderfully mysterious white box was waiting for me.

    A box full of popcorn? No…something lurked beneath the surface.

After I ate all the popcorn, the Gomadic QuadCharge Universal Charging Station was there to greet me.

Inside the box I also found a little plastic bag with tips for my devices.

The QuadCharge can use four tips, I ordered an extra Motorola tip for my other Motorola’s. Be sure to order the tips you need.

It didn’t take long to get my devices plugged in and charging. They look so cozy.

non-slip pad on the Gomadic QuadCharge is very impressive. I was able
to tilt it with devices on it over 45 degrees without any slipping.

The underside of the QuadCharge is just as clean looking as the top.

Here is a side view.

…and a direct front-on view.

This is the view from the back. Note: The cable does not disconnect, it is merely folded under for the photo.

Now doesn’t the QuadCharge look better than this mess?


    The sockets normally occupied by
the adapters on the left are now free thanks to the one charger on the
right, the Gomadic QuadCharge.

    The Gomadic QuadCharge is
simple. Select your tips, attach your devices and you are done. It has
the ability to charge four different devices of four different power
requirements at the same time. The non slip surface provides extra
protection for your device while charging instead of it just sliding
around on your desk. The aesthetic design is pleasing to the eye as
well. It fits in practically anywhere in the house you would like to
put it. 


    The QuadCharge didn’t come with a manual, however there is always the Gomadic site if you need further assistance.


    The Gomadic QuadCharge doesn’t require any software to use. The only requirements are a working outlet.


did not experience any bugs while using the QuadCharge. It worked
exactly as advertised. I do have some wishes though for the next
version; I would like to see it wall-mountable unit, with a small built-in
side drawer for extra tips, and a plug that would also work in the car
for those long road trips. Plus, I’d like to see a version of this product that can charge more devices.


    The Gomadic QuadCharge Universal Charging Station can be ordered directly from Gomadic on the product page
for $49.95 (sale price). TipExchange tips are also available for $5.95
(sale price). Order one for every device you have so it’s there when
you need it.


  • Clean design

  • Simplifies desk area

  • Hundreds of tips available for nearly every device


  • Not wall-mountable

  • Only charges four devices
of Use


What do these ratings mean?


    I love the Gomadic
QuadCharge. The design is simple and blends in well with any decor. It has tons of uses as well. Schools and labs that use
rechargeable equipment can have a nice clean-looking charging station.
Mobile tech vans can put a QuadCharge in for all their needs. Gomadic
is filling an ignored gap when it comes to the ugliness of
random-wireness by providing the solid QuadCharge. If you have multiple devices to charge, this is a great product for you.

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