Which Phones Support Flash?


We all know that the Apple iPhone has gotten a lot of press about how it does not support Flash content or applications in its Safari web browser (or anywhere else), but which phones do support Flash? Are there even any out there?

Indeed there are! Adobe has a huge list of handset manufacturers and models that support their Flash Lite technology. Most of the devices only support flash as a standalone player, not as embedded within the browser. There’s also a list of network operators that support Flash Lite and FlashCast. Verizon Wireless is the only one in North America that supports that technology out-of-the-box and it looks like Japan is very big on Flash enabled phones.

What about Windows Mobile phones you ask? In terms of having the Flash player pre-installed in the device, you’ve only got a few models to choose from: HP iPAQ rz1700, rx3400, rx3700, rw6100, rx3100, Toshiba GENIO e550, and e550G. However, you can easily add Flash support to any Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Windows Mobile Professional device.

The first Flash plug-in for Windows Mobile Pocket PCs was released in 2001, back when these devices were still just Pocket PCs and didn’t even have phones built in. Werner “Menneisyys” Ruotsalainen’s Expert Blog on Pocket PC Magazine’s site has a huge amount of information regarding playing Flash content on the Pocket PC and Windows Mobile platforms. If Flash based animations, games and applications are something that you’ve wondered about using on your Windows Mobile Professional/Pocket PC, Werner’s article is well worth a read.

Also note that the folks at XDA-Developers.com have found and fixed a bug in the current Adobe Flash Player for Pocket PCs, so you may want to go there first before installing the Flash Player.

I’ll spoil the surprise for you… Flash Player 7 for Pocket PCs is not supported by YouTube.

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