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The Zune Software Installation Process

Here is a the link to screen shots of the Zune software installation process.

Here is a video on the Zune launch from the Wall Street Journal and CNBC.

The installation process went smoothly. The first step in the installation process was to search for a firmware upgrade, which it found and updated the device to 1.1 (already!). It then proceeded to search for all the media on my PC. You can tell it to search for pictures and videos in addition to music. I selected all media types. My iTunes library is stored under “all users” and I was pleasantly surprised that it found it. The installation read all of the .m4a (AAC) music files and integrated them into the Zune library. However it did not attempt to deal with the protected content from the iTunes store. Fortunately I only have a small percentage of music which is protected and I may go the route of ripping a CD and re-importing them. It also has a feature to monitor the directories with media content and will automatically update the Zune library. I can add music to my iTunes library and Zune will automatically add it to its library. Very nice.

The next major step in the installation process is the association of the device with the Zune Marketplace. Here, there is a little confusion on how the installation works. You must first log on (with your passport, live, Xbox, or Zune ID) or create an account before you can select a Zune tag otherwise you get an error that the Zune tag is not available and you seem stuck in a loop. When signed on, if the Zune tag is not available the application will display Zune tags that are available. It is also confusing that you have a Zune name and Zune tag. They should really be the same. Once registered you are presented with the option to purchase content, points or a subscription from the Zune Marketplace. Points are used to purchase contents and you must purchase a minimum of 5 points for $5. The only rational I can think of for using points instead of currency is that Microsoft can award points easier than cash credits, but it is a pain to have to purchase in 5 point increments.

Now the device synchronization, I have decided to let run all night. I will verify the synchronization this morning. I doubt that all my music, pictures and videos can fit on 30GB, so it will be interesting to see what happened.

So far I really like the matte finish and the screen is crisp and clear. Zune is a little chunky but does not feel clumsy in one’s hand. Today it is time to play with Zune and see what it can do…

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