Vaja T77 SP Palm Treo 700p/w Case



    Not really sure how badly
you’d need support for a one-time purchase like a case, but you might need
replacement if the wrong case arrives, for example.  That’s never
happened to me, but no one is perfect.  I’m sure Vaja will work to
make good on your order.  I really have never heard of any customer
support complaints from Vaja users.  You can use the Vaja contact form

if you have any questions about your order.  My
order shipped from Miami after being constructed in Argentina. One aspect that was never made clear to me is over Vaja’s warranty. I would imagine any products shipped are guaranteed against any obvious defects (any minor scratch or wrinkle will be considered "character"), but in terms of wear and tear over a multiple-year use of the product, I wouldn’t hold your breath. Leather eventually falls apart. But probably not before you replace your Treo, in this case.


    Vaja cases always come
with a bevy of customizations.  Whenever you buy from Vaja, you’ll be
re-directed to their Vaja Choice site, which steps you through color choice
(the T77 has two leather colors), then clip options (the Rivet clip is
more expensive than the plastic
Ultra Clip), and finally the ability to personalize
with your initials or even a graphic. 



This particular i-Volution case fits snugly a Treo 700w or Treo 700p.  There
are Vaja cases for pretty much every popular consumer electronic device out
there, including iPods, laptops, lots of cell phones (but not my
i-Mate SP5–dang).


How can you fiddle with perfection and get away with
it?  It’s a tough line to cross, and Vaja does a great job of keeping
their i-Volution cases stellar across the board.  I remember my first
i-Volution case was for an old iPAQ with no cellular capabilities. 
It was screaming yellow and quite attention-grabbing!  I really have
no gripes about this product line.  The cases are expensive, and
maybe not the greatest value for the money (handmade leather products
likely enjoy high profit margins), but you’re getting a brand name, high
quality product.  You’re going
to pay a lot for it. 


If you have to ask how much an i-Volution will set
you back, you can’t afford it.  But seriously, this is an
investment.  You’ll likely want to have some of that leather
conditioning liquid around if you plan on keeping your Treo around for
more than a few years.  That being said, the bare-bones T77 will cost
you $135.  If you add an E-Clip (like mine) and graphical
personalization, you’re looking at a $185 purchase.  Use Vaja’s homepage
as your launch point.


  • As always, top grain hide

  • Tremendous attention to detail

  • Ah…the new leather smell!


  • Questionable value proposition

  • Questionable device protection
  • E-Clip system fits a bit loose for my taste
of Use



    Despite the T77 i-Volutions minor imperfections, at the end of the day, it’s a work of art. I will carry my Treo around town and feel just the slightest bit less geeky. And a geek who feels confident, is one who is able to work effectively and happily. But perhaps that’s just the organic-enhanced diet that’s fueling my self-satisfaction.

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