Symbol MC50 Blog Day 1 – Just the Basics


When I agreed to take a look at the Symbol MC50, I wasn’t entirely sure how I wanted to approach it. It is a ruggedized PDA with a lot of special attributes, designed to function well in a number of vertical markets. It is NOT a consumer device, but it does have some application outside of the vertical markets it’s been designed for.

The Symbol MC50 is a Windows Mobile 2003 SE machine with:

• 240 by 320 screen

• 64MB RAM

• Intel 520MHz processor (PXA270)

• Built-in keyboard

• WiFi (802.11b)

• SDIO slot

• 1560mAh battery (3600 mAh extended battery also available)

• Speaker/microphone, headset jack (VoIP ready with correct placement of mic/speaker)

• USB 1.1 and RS232 (serial) connections (via a special interface)

• Camera/scanner

Over the next few days I’m going to explore some of the special aspects of this device and discuss the environments in which these serve well. Tomorrow I’ll talk about vertical markets and how a device like this is specialized for special markets. In the coming days I’ll also talk about the physical things that make the MC50 a “ruggedized” device and what happens when industrial design gets center stage.

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