Short Take: Ilium Software’s eWallet Pro v4.1


  • Strong 256-bit RC4 key encryption
  • Built-in password generator creates unique and
    secure passwords
  • Improved Synchronization Wizard
  • Full support for Windows Mobile 5.0 devices
  • Complete support for any screen size or shape

To begin, I used the eWallet Card Importer to
transfer my SplashID cards to eWallet.  As far
as I can tell, this is a unique feature to eWallet
as no other wallet programs I have seen offer a
similar conversion tool.

(desktop application images link to higher resolution)

Figure 1:
After you begin the Import Utility, the first step is to
specify which wallet product you are importing from. 
This is important because each one uses a different file

Figure 2: Currently, you can import from CodeWallet,
FlexWallet, SplashID and TurboPasswords.

Figure 3:
Next, you point the utility to the location of the file. 
In my case I am importing from SplashID, which requires
you to export the wallet file from within SplashID into
a comma delineated (.csv) format. 

Figure 4: Next, you name the new eWallet file that will be

Figure 5: Time to create a password for the new eWallet file. 

Figure 6: Finally, as the importing proceeds, eWallet will allow you the option to specify what type
of card to create for each imported card.

So, the question is… how well did the importing work? 
Pretty well.  eWallet was able to grab all of the
information contained in my SplashID file although it did not always place
the information in the correct field.  Much of the information was
placed in the notes field of the newly created card. 
I then had to cut and paste the info into the correct
field.  I also had to re-organize the cards into
categories and sub-categories, although this may be an
issue with how SplashID exported the file.  You
will most likely want to go back through your cards
and specify an icon, because the import utility will not
transfer icons from the other program.  The import
utility is definitely better than recreating all of your
cards from scratch but is still not perfect.

The other major new feature of v4.1 is the password
builder, which is available in both the desktop and
handheld version of the program.  Since this is a
handheld-focused website, I will demonstrate the process
on the Pocket PC:

Figure 7:
From an empty card, select the field where you would
like the password generated.  Tap and hold in that
field and select "Build Password".

Figure 8:
From here, you can select the parameters for the new
password.  These include: length, type of
password and whether the password should contain
lowercase, uppercase, numbers and/or punctuation. 

Figure 9: The
different types of passwords include random, mnemonic
sentence and pronounceable. 

Figure 10:
Click "Generate" and a password will be created using
the specified parameters. 

Figure 11: Finally, click "Copy +
Close" and the password will be inserted into the
selected field.

I really like the password generation functionality. 
It is easy to use and flexible enough to meet any system
administrator’s demands for password parameters.


eWallet v4.1 is a free upgrade for registered users
of v4.0.  If you would like to purchase eWallet for $29.95,
you can download here;
it also includes the desktop version and the import


  • Unique card import utility
  • Full WM 5.0 compatibility including square screens
  • Excellent password generating functionality


  • Card import utility does not work perfectly


Coming from SplashID, I am very happy with eWallet. 
SplashID had a couple of annoying limitations (i.e.
no copying and pasting within Pocket PC
applications and no multitasking) that I wanted to
overcome.  eWallet does not have either of these
limitations and has become my wallet program of
choice.  Some may prefer other wallet programs,
but if you are moving from one wallet program to
another, eWallet is the only one that offers the
import utility.  The import utility makes a BIG
difference in my book.  Even though it doesn’t
work perfectly, it saved me several hours of work. 
Overall, there is a lot to like in eWallet and Ilium Software should be congratulated
for adding new functionality to an existing
version of the program instead of charging for a new


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