Verizon Wireless XV6700 Blog: Day 4


Today we’ll discuss software “extras” that came with the XV6700.

I am very pleased with the included wireless manager. It has a nicer appearance than the manager on other HTC devices. This applet lets you easily control all of the various radios that are in the device (CDMA, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi). By default, this applet is assigned to the push-and-hold function of the Internet Explorer button on the side of the device. There is an icon for the wireless manager located in the system tray on the today screen.

The XV6700 has an interesting program simply titled “Zip.” When launched, it does a search of your device to see if there are any .zip archives. You can then extract the archives and to access the files contained within them. Since it’s common to receive e-mail with .zip files, this application is quite welcome.

The only other unique application on the device is Verizon’s Wireless Sync. If you are not syncing over-the-air with an Exchange server, you can use Wireless Sync to perform over-the-air with your desktop computer. The downside to this method is that the desktop computer must always be on for it to “push” the information to your device. Also, the information that is syncing goes through Verizon’s servers, which some security-minded folks may not approve of. I did not test Wireless Sync on the XV6700 as I am syncing over-the-air with an Exchange server. I did use Wireless Sync on the last Windows Mobile Pocket PC phone I tried, a Samsung i730, and Wireless Sync worked generally well.

What software is missing from the XV6700? Well, I would like to see two primary additions to this device. First, the lack of voice control is disappointing. I have installed MS Voice Command but I really think that all Windows Mobile phone devices should come with this software. Second, like many Pocket PC phone users, I would like to see a profiles applet on the device so you could have various sound and radio settings for different situations. There’s a great free profiles applet called Phone Profiles, which you can get here. Although this applet was designed for GSM Pocket PC phones, it works fine on the XV6700.

In my next entry I will talk about some of the “enhancements” and hacks that I have found to improve this device!

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