Short Take: SCOTTeVEST Rodeo, Revisted


The Goodness Continues…

With the production unit of the Rodeo, as was the
case with our original pre-production unit, the
external lines and finish are top notch.  The
fabric is still soft to the touch, and the liner is
still a warm silky fabric.  The sea of pockets
remains unchanged and the overall feel of the jacket
is that of a very fine garment.  The first time
you slip it on, it already feels like an old friend. 
These attributes remain unchanged from our original
review unit, still top notch.

Handwarmer Pockets…

One of the issues with the original pre-production
Rodeo was the tangle of flaps of cloth and nest of
threads we found inside the handwarmer pockets. 
This seemed out of place to us on such a fine

(all images link to higher resolution)

Figure 1: Handwarmer Pocket from
Pre-Production Rodeo

Figure 2: Handwarmer Pocket from Production

As you can see in the picture, the production version of
the Rodeo improves on this greatly, and is much more in
character with the rest of the jacket.  There are
still multiple flaps of cloth, as the various layers of
the liner come together, and there are still a few rogue
threads, but nothing to complain about as it’s all
nicely trimmed and neat.  One down.

DCC+ Battery Holders…

Located toward the bottom of the DCC+ pockets are
multiple battery holders.  These are made by
forming loops out of elastic webbing that stretch
and hold batteries in place.  This is a great
idea, but on our original review unit, the loops
varied in size wildly and only some of them had
enough space to insert a AAA battery. 

Figure 3: Sizes vary on original
Pre-Production Unit

Figure 4: Sizes still vary on Production

Unfortunately, our production unit continues to have
large variability in the sizes of the battery loops,
and again, some of them were too small to get a AAA
battery into.  There are however, 4 of these
types of holders, so even though each loop isn’t
quite usable, there are many others to choose from. 
(Afterall, do you really need to carry that many
batteries?)  Still a great feature, but could
stand to be improved.

More Battery Holders…

The other issue we noted with the Rodeo was the loose
threads on some of the stitched features of the jacket,
such as the battery holders.  These not only caused
tangles, but hindered the use of some of the features.

Figure 5: Loose threads on Pre-Production

Figure 6: Neatly trimmed on Production Unit.

As clearly shown in the pictures above, the production
Rodeo improves on this tremendously.  Bunches of
loose threads such as pictured above in the original
review are nowhere to be found on the production Rodeo. 
This is what you’d expect from a jacket of this quality. 
Two down.


    The SeV Rodeo can be purchased over at SCOTTEVEST for an special price of $199.99 – click here
to purchase!  SCOTTEVEST clothing is popping up in new stores
such as Magellan’s so keep your eyes open and you might be able to find it elsewhere as
well.  If you find a better deal at a different site, please
contact us and we’ll post your find.


  • Lots of Pockets

  • Extremely Comfortable

  • PAN wiring enabled

  • A place for everything…


  • Cost

  • Arms restrict freedom of movement

  • Could benefit from a removable liner

  • You sometimes have to take it off


Overall, the Rodeo is a great jacket and currently my
second favorite (My favorite is my new SCOTTEVEST 237D,

for our review). The plethora of pockets
are very functional, and the PAN wiring, albeit low
tech, works well.  The jacket is extremely comfortable,
surprisingly so, and for that alone I’d recommend it.
 The price is a little steep for a jacket, but if you
consider all the work that went into making it, the
numerous seams, zippers, pockets, etc that are all added
to it, you can understand some of the expense.  I have a
concern around the longevity of the microsuede fabric,
it’s very thin and I wonder how it’ll hold up over time,
but I’ve been wearing it for almost a month exclusively
and it’s holding up well.  I find the arm movement
slightly restricted, which I find an annoyance, but
nothing I would not recommend this jacket for.  It
may not bother you as much, or at all (I’ve been told
I’m very picky).  Maybe SCOTTEVEST will rev the
next version to address this.  This is a highly
recommended jacket, and replaces the need to carry a
gadget bag.  My jacket’s ringing, now which pocket
is the phone in again?

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