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    Weather report from
Hell: Your snowballs are safe. 

For years, most of the people I know that are really
into converged, PDA Phones have said over and over
again, "I love Palm’s hardware.  If they ever
release a device with Windows Mobile on it, I’d buy
one in a second," knowing full well that it would be
a cold day in Hell when that happened.  Guess
what?  Not only did Palm release a Windows
Mobile based device, but it released a Treo, their
best, genre-defining device, with a Microsoft,
phone-based OS.  I still have friends who
haven’t stopped gaping at the press release… or
the device; and get this, the device has been in the
works for about two years.  Two years! 
That was one well kept secret, and really helps me
believe the rumor that the existence of the device
wasn’t leaked a few months back.  It was
planted…but that’s not fact.  That’s

Honestly, I’m a bit surprised too.  I
thought in my wildest dreams that Palm
would actually DO it… release a device with any
other OS on it but their own, I mean.  Now that
they have, I know EVERYONE wants me to stop with the yadda-yadda-yadda and make with the review.  Ok
already… let’s get to it!


    The Palm Treo 600 and 650 have defined
the PDA Phone niche.  Many of the non-Palm
based, converged PDA’s that I’ve seen have tried to
do something to combat either Palm’s Treo or RIM’s
Blackberry.  The HTC Blue Angel, reviewed on as the
i-mate PDA2k
, and the

iPAQ hx6515
are just a couple of examples. 
Both of these devices try to seriously compete with
the Treo in the converged device/ PDA Phone niche. 
i-mate K-JAM
while not exactly the same form
factor as the Treos or the 6500 series iPAQ, is
probably one of the best implementations of a
BlackBerry competitor that I’ve seen so far. 
The Treo 700w’s presence represents a serious
challenge in the enterprise.  Many WM5 based
phone devices with Exchange Server 2003 SP2 and MSFP
will be able to make use of push e-mail.  That
coupled with the Treo name and form factor are
certain to make a HUGE dent in existing market

Interestingly enough, all of the devices I’ve
mentioned were manufactured by HTC; and HTC
manufactured both the Treo 600 and 650.

Remember the Treo 600?

…and the Treo 650.

From the above, aside from some minor differences,
which are difficult to detect, the 600 and 650 are
effectively identical devices.  Yes, there are
some button additions and reassignments that differ
from the Treo 600; and there are other internal
hardware and OS changes and additions, but other
than that, many users see these devices as nearly

(all images link to higher resolution)

The Treo 650
(left) and Treo 700w (right) side by side

As you can see from the above picture, the 650 has a
squarer body than the 700w. The keyboard layout is
nearly identical; but the keys are shaped
differently and appear to be slightly smaller. While
the number of function buttons is the same, the Home
and Address Book buttons are replaced on the 700w as
WM5 Action/Soft buttons.  The Calendar button
is replaced as the Start Menu button and the Mail
button is replaced as the OK button on the 700w,

Device (no cover)

Size (inches)

Weight (grams | ounces)
Palm Treo 700w 4.40" x 2.30"
x 0.90"
180 | 6.40

Palm Treo 650
4.44" x 2.32" x 0.91"

178 | 6.28

Palm Treo 600
4.41" x 2.36" x 0.87"
168 | 5.92
Motorola Q
4.56" x
2.48" x 0.45"
115 | 4.05
4.60" x 2.79" x 0.82"

165 | 5.82

4.25" x 2.28" x 0.93"
160 | 5.64
4.92" x 2.81" x 0.71"
210 | 7.40
4.18" x 2.31" x 0.68"

150 | 5.30

4.70" x 2.90" x 0.70"
175 | 6.20
4.60" x 3.21" x 0.58"

138 | 4.80

5.17" x 3.03" x 0.59"
187 | 6.60
4.50" x 2.80" x 0.64"
158 | 5.57

The chart above gives you an idea of how big the
device is.  The 700w is just a schoche
bigger than the K-JAM, minus the antenna, which is
really quite impressive.  It seems that the Treo’s have gotten heavier with each generation. Hopefully they won’t continue this trend. The device is svelte,
compact, and easy to carry, just like its PalmOS
based cousins.  The device has a competitive

From left to
right, the Samsung i700, Dell Axim x50v, i-mate
PDA2k, i-mate K-JAM, and Palm Treo 700w

Compared to all the devices I have, the Treo is
among the smallest, with only the K-JAM being
smaller.  When you look at these, you can no
doubt tell that the i700 is just HUGE!


The 360

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