“My Smartphone Experience” Blog: Day 16


Who doesn’t like solitaire?

On my way to pick up some shirts from the dry cleaner the other day, I saw a policeman parked on the side of the road, playing solitaire in his cruiser. I wanted to tap on his window and say “I’m glad my tax dollars have allowed you to improve your solitaire game,” but I kept on walking, and began thinking.

If you have a Windows PC, you’ve played solitaire at least 200 times. And even though you don’t always win, you’re always back for a new game during times of internet disconnect or just boredom. Why? Because it’s predictable, somewhat challenging, and it exists on every Windows device ever made (including Pocket PC and Smartphone). Solitaire is so important to the Windows platform, that Microsoft is adding an improved version into Windows Vista (which allows for the cards to scale upon window resizing, plus a freshened look).

When I first browsed through my Smartphone, imagine the glee I experienced when I saw an icon for solitaire in the games menu. Booting up the game, I began playing, realizing that the card draw was set to “vegas” or three-card mode. So routinely, I clicked the menu button, expecting to see an option to turn the draw to one-card mode, but to my dismay, there weren’t any options. I haven’t seen a study on solitaire usage, but if one existed, it would surely reveal that more than half of solitaire users prefer the draw one option. Right?

What do you fancy: draw one or draw three?

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