“My Smartphone Experience” Blog: Day 15


Bluetooth headset: speak!

I’m relatively new to the world of Bluetooth headsets. It’s still a bit of a challenge remembering an extra item to bring along in my pocket when I head out the door. Most headsets can either be tethered to your phone via a lanyard, or can be worn on a belt. I’ve been sporting the latter style, just for ease of access. My use with a headset so far has been pleasing, especially when making calls: you place the headset on your ear, press a button, say the person’s name (if a voice tag is stored), and without taking the phone out of your pocket or bag, you’re connected to the desired party. It’s great.

Receiving calls is a bit of another matter, since you’re required to fiddle for your phone to peer at your screen to see who is calling. I like the idea Jabra had by putting a caller idea into the headset with the BT800. The side effects of this, though, are detriments to size, weight, and battery life. Sure, the technology isn’t quite there yet, but I’d love to see more headsets with integrated displays, perhaps even something with an OLED screen (when cost warrants).

As the size of Bluetooth headsets decreases, the chances of you misplacing one increases. It’s easy for a headset to slide out of your pocket in the car or on a couch, and finding it becomes very tough. I’d like to see a headset with a sort of remote paging feature, where, from your phone, you can get your headset to emit a loud beep, and maybe a bright flash.

What’s on your feature wishlist for a Bluetooth headset?

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