“My Smartphone Experience” Blog: Day 12 – I Exchange, Do You?


This is what mobility is all about.

With an Exchange account, or hosted account, any change you make to your calendar/contacts on one device is reflected on all of others with the same account settings. Scenario: you’re checking your desktop email, and add Bob as a contact, who tells you to call him later that morning. Running late for a meeting, you grab your Smartphone and head to the car. Since your Smartphone has just synced with Exchange, Bob’s contact information is already in your phone. You call Bob, who then asks for you to call back on his work phone. You add the number to his contact card via your Smartphone, and later boot up your laptop (which is also set to sync with your Exchange account), and pull up the contact, which has already been updated to reflect the new number. It’s a terrific feeling to always be in sync.

An additional advantage of having an Exchange hosted account is that you’ve got one less thing to remember to backup. I thought I was the only one who had massive PST files ready to spring into action if a data disaster were to occu — apparently many people do. But because my mail, contacts, and calendar all exist on multiple devices, AND on a server hundreds of miles away, no longer is it necessary for me to archive PST files.

There are several ways to set up your email account for syncing (note that 4Smartphone allows for one email address per account, but you can set up multiple “virtual accounts” which I have yet to get into): you can have the account “pull” new email from your POP3 account; you can change your domain email destination or MX record (the best option, but requires some advanced configuration); and finally plain old email forwarding, which is what I use.

Those that use Windows Mobile to email in any capacity know that it doesn’t allow for much flexibility (dare I say ANY flexibility) in dealing with folder options, email notification, and the like. All roads point to Microsoft in these various shortfalls, and I’ll get more into my gripes in the next post.

Any questions thus far, noble readers?

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