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The calendar and contacts application for Windows Mobile has been largely unchanged since the beginning, making it necessary to use a third party application if you want to have any sort of advanced control over your PIM data. On my Pocket PC, I couldn’t get along without Pocket Informant, because it allows for a ridiculous amount of customization that is required by us busy people. When I first began using a Smartphone, I just couldn’t get used to using the stock calendar application…I had dreams at night of a Pocket Informant for Smartphone (which doesn’t yet exist, but is in Alpha). With a cold sweat on my neck, I was determined to find a solution.

And I found a solution. SBSH Software has an application called Papyrus (peculiar name…it’s a type of plant), that has been recently updated for WM 5.0 Smartphones. I’ve never heard of the application prior to receiving the press release, but I’m elated to have found it. My first thought was it is basically Pocket Informant for your Smartphone in terms of what it does for your calendar, and it scales to QVGA resolution perfectly, as many third party Smartphone applications fail to do. What is missing from the program, and I hope either SBSH or WebIS fill these voids, are such features as templates, search, and most importantly, integration with contacts.

I’ve taken a few screenshots of the program for your viewing pleasure, please excuse the JPEG artifacts (not all pocketnow viewers surf on broadband lines, yet). The upper left is the list view, which is great for a quick glance of the next few days. I’ve got each appointment color coded by category just as I do in Pocket Informant. The second image is the grid view, which lets you quickly flip through the next month of appointments. The bottom left capture emphasizes the amount of customization that can be exercised with this program – you can change almost any color. And on the bottom left, like Pocket Informant, each view can be customized to your hearts content.

If you’ve got a Smartphone and desire a terrific program to manage your calendar and tasks, check out Papyrus – a trial is available, and the price is around $18.

What do you use for calendar and tasks?

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